tom wagner studio
Earth: DiamondsEarth: ColorsEarth: Tellus GaiaEarth: PentaclesEarth: GebEarth: I ChingEarth: Physical SelfAir: Movement in CloudsAir: Thinking OptimismFire: TetrahedronFire: ZodiacWater: IcosahedronWater - shell
Daily visual work: illustration, design, scribble, outline, draft, skeleton, exploration, summary, drawing, representation, scrawl, doodle, write, jot, arrange, map, set order to adventure, analyze, begin, build, communicate, collect, challenge, critique, develop, design, draw, experiment, engage, explain, examine, express, fantasize, fear, generate, hypothesize, ideate, imagine, invent, inspire, journey, keep, look, linger, remember, narrate, observe, own, practice, plan, play, perceive, question, research, remember, reflect, respond, record, select, simplify, synthesize, sustain, treasure, try, test, transform, vision, wonder, and continually yield.